Ho fong is manufacturer specializing in the CNC lathe, CNC milling unit work processing, design, the workpiece minimum outer diameter from 10 mm ~ to 650 mm all may make, Now has become the components of extremely good supply factory in Europe and the United States (including the metal. Nonmetallic and revertex),
Regarding the high quality and the deliver on time obtains the customer affirmation,
The accomplishment quite grow steadily for these several years, we take the company policy target highest quality and enhance the service. Our goal is sustainable operation.


  • In 1992, established Ho Fong hardware industry society and, manufacturer specializing in the production of traditional machine parts.


    In 1994 introduction of the first CNC comprehensive manufacturing machine.
  • In 1996 increases to 10 CNC synthesis manufacturing machine and, 15 members for work team.
  • In 1997 introduction of the first CNC milling synthesis manufacturing machine.
  • In 1998 increase one more CNC milling synthesis manufacturing machine.